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Hawker Hunter T.7 ‘Two-seat Trainer’ - stavebnica

Vydavateľ:Mark I Ltd.
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Rok vydaniaRok vydania:2017

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The Hawker Hunter was a British jet fighter developed during the late 1940s and its prototype, the P.1067, was flown in July 1951. Succeeding first-generation jet fighters such as the Meteor and Venom, the first Hunters were introduced to RAF service in 1954.

The Hunter T Mk.7 was a two-seat trainer variant built for the RAF. It had the single seat nose replaced by a side-by-side seating section. Originally based on the F Mk.4 fighter, six aeroplanes were rebuilt and 65 were built new (incl. 10 a/c for the Royal Navy as T Mk.8s); the first T Mk.7s entered service in 1958. The Netherlands bought 20 T Mk.7 aircraft, half of which were later sold to other countries, including Denmark.

It was a two-seat swept wing all-metal monoplane aircraft powered by a R-R Avon turbojet. It featured two wing-root intakes, single jet pipe, upward-opened canopy, ejection seats and tail-mounted brake parachute. The on-board armament of the two-seat Hunter was reduced to one (or two) Aden cannon semi-buried in the fuselage undersurface, while up to four drop tanks could be carried beneath the wings.

The Hunter was one of the RAF’s mainstays from the mid-1950s through the sixties. It became a popular machine in foreign service, being exported to many countries worldwide. Two-seat variants remained in use for training and secondary roles with the RAF and the Royal Navy until the early 1990s.

Colour schemes included in the kit:

1)   Hawker Hunter T Mk.7, XL568, Black X, No.74 Sq., RAF, Coltishall Air Base, Norfolk, U.K., September 1959

2)   Hawker Hunter T Mk.7, XL566, White TW, No.1417 (FR) Flight, RAF, Khormaksar Air Base, Aden Protectorate (State of Aden), 1965

3)   Hawker Hunter T Mk.7, N-303, White 63, No.325 Sq., Royal Netherlands Air Force (Koninklijke Luchtmacht, KLu), Soesterberg Air Base, the Netherlands, 1964

4)   Hawker Hunter T Mk.7, ET-273 (ex-Dutch N-302), Black 273, No.724 Sq. (Esk 724), Royal Danish Air Force (Kongelige Danske Flyvevåbnet), Skrydstrup Air Base, Denmark, 1974


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