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Abrams Squad No. 5/2014

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Abrams Squad - The Modern Modelling Magazine je první specializovaný magazín zaměřený výhradně na moderní techniku. Zde naleznete články a produkci od nejlepších světových modelářů. Postupy krok za krokem, techniky stavby, malby, finiše, recenze nových produktů, informace o novinkách atd..Z obsahu:




4 – Commander’s Display Unit: A regular section devoted to news and reviews of model kits, aftermarkets, books and much more.



8 – Remote Thermal Sight: Remote Thermal Sight: This time we meticulously examine Trumpeter’s most recent offer: T-72 B mod.1990 MBT. Victor Tomás thoroughly illuminates this build in order that you may more easily avoid mistakes and save some time when you make this great model. As always, photos of real vehicles will guide us during the build to ensure maximum accuracy and detail.

16 – M48A3 Vietnam: -  The Editor has made a charming scene that showcases this popular and important tank. The carefully researched paint job perfectly matches
the realistic jungle environment. To top the whole thing off, a lovely pair of figures adds context, scale and a human touch

30 – BRITISH WARRIOR: - A veteran model is brought up to modern standards through the talented hands of Chris Jerrett

40 – Rebel T-62.: Martin Kovác makes his début in Abrams Squad with an original and risky work, resulting in a very natural appearance.

52 – MRAP HUSKY 1/48: - It isn’t every day that we can see works like this thorough 1/48 scratchbuilding job that Domingo Hernández has made of this rare and unusual vehicle. A great work topped with a master painting lesson.

66 – GERMAN VEHICLE IN AFGANISTAN, PART 2: - In this issue, we shall show you the heaviest range of the German vehicle fleet at Kunduz: selfpropelled artillery, engineer vehicles and other types of transport vehicles.

72 – Turret Basket: at the end of every issue you’ll find the kits that we’ll find in the market soon and some teasers of the next Abrams Squad Magazine. 


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